How to Download TikTok Videos (Without a Watermark) (2023)

You've probably got TikTok, like a billion other people. You're probably addicted. Swiping through fast-paced, looping content that runs the gamut from over-used memes to surprising original content is hard to pass up. So much so that the format has been stolen by other services, from Reels on Instagram and Facebook to Snapchat's Spotlight.

What if you're a TikTok content maker who wants to share your perfect video elsewhere? Or what if you simply must have a favorite video to keep forever? (You know, for your own personal use, not for profit, so as not to infringe the intellectual property rights of the original maker, because that would be a crappy move on your part.) How do you download that video, and without the TikTok logo watermark dead-center on the video? Here's how.

Grab TikTok Videos With the Watermark

This is the easiest way to download a TikTok video, because you can instantly do it on your mobile device, right from within the TikTok app.

Hold down a finger on the video, and in the menu that pops up, tap Save Video at the top. (Note: this only works if the creator marks the video as "Public." If it's listed as "Private," you won't see the save option.) The video is placed in your phone's camera roll, and you'll see options to share the video from there to SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, or other services.

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Downloading a video on the TikTok iOS app(Credit: PCMag)

If you just want a little snippet of a TikTok video to use as an animated GIF, that's also an option—click the share button (the arrow pointing right) and look at the gray icons at the bottom. One is Save video, like above, but scroll a bit and you'll see the option for Share as GIF.

You can't save videos on the desktop via in a new window), though you can easily share directly to your WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest account. That's the right thing to do if you want others to see it.

If you want to save a video via the desktop, you could always do a video screen capture—complete with the watermark, which lasts the length of the video and moves around.

The upside for the content creator is that the TikTok logo watermark, complete with the creator's name, equals instant branding. But not everyone wants the watermark. Especially if it's your video in the first place, and you plan to re-post it to other services, to maximize reach without duplicating effort. What's the fix?

Get Rid of the Watermark

To ditch the watermark on videos you've already downloaded, video tools like iMyFone MarkGo(Opens in a new window) ($29.99 on Windows or $38.95 on macOS), RemoveLogoNow(Opens in a new window) ($59.99 on Windows), Video Eraser(Opens in a new window) (free or $2.99 for pro edition on iOS), or Apowersoft Online Video Watermark Remover(Opens in a new window)(on the web) can do the job. But results can look sloppy because they essentially blur the watermark by adding extra pixels to the video frames. That's not great when you pay for your software like those above, though many are cheaper by the month if you only need them for a limited time.

This method might work okay for some videos, especially if the background is still. But it can ruin auto-generated captions or overlay text in the video, close to the center of the frame.

(Video) How To Download TikTok Video Without Watermark (Easy Method) | Remove TikTok Watermark

How to Download TikTok Videos (Without a Watermark) (2)

(Credit: VideoProc Vlogger)

A slightly better option is video-editing software like the free VideoProc Vlogger(Opens in a new window), which covers the watermark with your own logo or some other image, even an animated GIF. It's like adding a GIF sticker to the video that could have been added when the video was uploaded to TikTok.

Grab TikToks Without the Watermark

The best bet is to download the video without any watermark in the first place, for free. For this to work, you need third-party apps and helper websites, for which you'll need the URL for the individual TikTok videos.

Musically Down(Opens in a new window) is a helper website with a good look (despite some ad-traps trying to get you to click) and a concise how-to video. But all of these sites work the same. Enter a link for a TikTok video or a song listed on the service, and you'll get a quick preview, including the video's title, and options to grab it as an MP4 video or sometimes as an MP3 audio file.

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Other helper websites include SaveTik(Opens in a new window), SnapTik(Opens in a new window), TokSaver(Opens in a new window), and GGTik(Opens in a new window). Download helper sites tend to work just fine on mobile, and even handle TikTok vids that are marked as private.

(Video) The Easiest Way To Download TikTok Videos without Watermark

If you prefer the mobile app route, GGTik has one for Android side-loading, plus there's SaveTok(Opens in a new window) (on iOS and Android) and RepostTik(Opens in a new window) (iOS), among others. Apps seem to occasionally run into legal troubles and get shut down or lose features, so the websites are the preferred method. Not that they're immune to such problems, though.

PC users who want some dedicated desktop software for this task should consider 4K Tokkit(Opens in a new window), a $15 program for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu Linux. You can pay more for unlimited downloads per day, and even download entire batches based on hashtags. It's from the makers of our favorite tool for downloading YouTube videos, 4K Video Downloader. In fact, that full-featured 4K Video Downloader will also grab video from TikTok. But it doesn't strip out the watermark, at least not in the free version.

How to Download TikTok Videos (Without a Watermark) (6)

VideoDuke(Credit: VideoDuke)

Mac-specific users can check out VideoDuke(Opens in a new window) ($29.95), which promises to get rid of the watermark, but only provides two downloads for free. Other downloaders that support TikTok and offer a free trial with limited downloads/features include SnapDownloader(Opens in a new window), DVDVideoSoft's Free TikTok Downloader(Opens in a new window), and Qoob Clips(Opens in a new window).

One more tip: Beware copyrighted sounds. If you download a TikTok video—even if it's your own—and it includes audio that is the intellectual property of someone else, it doesn't matter if it was okay on TikTok, which provides a library of sounds. Services like Facebook have AI algorithms that monitor uploads for that kind of thing. At best, they'll let you upload a video sans audio; at worst, they'll shut you out. Use TikTok's sister app CapCut or others video editors like Inshot(Opens in a new window) (iOS and Android) or Splice(Opens in a new window) (iOS and Android) to strip out the audio, as well as do more serious editing. All are available for iOS or Android.

How to Download TikTok Videos (Without a Watermark) (7) How to Download YouTube Videos

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(Video) How To Download Tiktok Video Without Watermark (New Method - Quick & Easy)


How can I download TikTok videos without watermark only? ›

You can get that by selecting the video you want to download on TikTok, tapping that Share button, and choosing the Copy Link option. Then you just paste that link into SnapTik's designated field and you'll have your watermark-free video in just a couple of seconds. Plus, SnapTik is completely free.

Can you remove TikTok watermark? ›

The easiest way to remove TikTok watermarks is by simply cropping them out of the video. Unfortunately, it's also the method that looks the least polished. In Kapwing, you can upload your video or paste the link to the video instead. Once your video uploads, click Crop.

What apps remove TikTok watermark? ›

SnapTik. SnapTik, also known as SnapX is an Android application developed to enable individuals to edit their TikTok videos and remove the TikTok watermark. If you have any sort of Android device then you can easily use this tool, all you need to do is just download it from the Google Play Store and you are good to go.

How do I remove TikTok watermark from iPhone? ›

Open Photos app on your iPhone, find and play the TikTok video that you need to remove the watermark, and tap on Edit. Tap on the Crop icon and adjust the shape of that box to remove TikTok watermark. Finally, tap on the Done to save the video without watermark.

How do I remove TikTok watermark online? ›

Open the Photos app, select the downloaded TikTok video, and tap Edit. Click the Crop icon and adjust the shape of the box to remove the TikTok watermark. You can choose square, 16:9 (the best aspect ratio for TikTok) or 3:2 to crop your favorite video. After adjusting, click "Done" to save your video.

How do I download protected TikTok videos? ›

To download a TikTok video that's protected, begin by downloading Total Files. Total files is a cloud file manager that will allow us the functionality we need to save the video file. Next, locate your video of choice. Once you've found your video, tap the Share Icon, then find and tap the Copy Link button.

How do I remove TikTok SaveTok watermark? ›

How to Remove TikTok Watermarks Using SaveTok
  1. Copy the video address in TikTok by tapping the share icon > copy link.
  2. Install SaveTok from Appstore, and tap Save TikTok from the home screen.
  3. Make sure the No Watermark box is checked.
  4. Tap Save Video.
  5. Find the video without the watermark in the photo library.
Feb 20, 2023

How do you remove a watermark? ›

Put your cursor over the watermark until you see a 4-way arrow. Select the watermark. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

How do I remove watermark from a video? ›

How to remove a watermark from a video?
  1. Upload video. Open your file or drag the video onto the platform. ...
  2. Blur the logo. If you need to see a video watermark blurred, you need to select the area with the logo and choose the blurring tool.
  3. Remove the logo. ...
  4. Think about other tools. ...
  5. Choose a format. ...
  6. Save and continue your work.

What is the best watermark remover? ›

Of all the photo editing apps available, PhotoDirector is the best watermark remover. It also comes packed with other useful photo editing tools and features. PhotoDirector is the easiest watermark remover you can find.

How do I remove watermarks from videos for free on iPhone? ›

How to Remove watermark from a Video on Apple iPhone
  1. Go to Apple App Store and search for Video Eraser – Remove Logo. ...
  2. Open the app and import the video by tapping on the Plus icon on the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on the video icon and select the Remove Watermark option.
Jun 9, 2022

How do I remove TikTok protection? ›

To turn Restricted Mode on or off:
  1. In the TikTok app, tap Profile at the bottom.
  2. Tap the Menu button at the top.
  3. Tap Settings and privacy.
  4. Tap Content preferences, then tap Restricted Mode.
  5. Follow the steps in the app to set or enter a passcode to turn Restricted Mode on or off.

Why can't I download a TikTok video? ›

The most common cause of the issue "can't download a TikTok video" is that the video download option is disabled by the creator. When the download feature is disabled, the "Save video" option will become greyed out. TikTok grants creators the right to enable or disable video download in the Settings.

How do I save TikTok videos to my camera roll? ›

To do that, start the TikTok app and record a clip, then add any stickers and effects you want to include. Tap Next and then tap Drafts. With a video saved to drafts, you can now save it to the camera roll.

Is removing a watermark a crime? ›

Even though some might not consider removing watermarks a big deal, but it is definitely illegal for most companies.

Can you remove watermarks for free? ›

The best way to get a high-quality watermark remover and avoid paying is to download PhotoDirector. It is free and removes watermarks.

Can watermarks be removed? ›

Many options are available to remove the watermark from images, such as using Photoshop or hiring professional graphic designers. But these can get expensive and complicated, especially for a beginner. This is where an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered watermark remover application comes into the picture.

What is the best free watermark remover from video? ›

The 5 Best Free Video Watermark Removal Services Online
  • Apowersoft Online Video Watermark Remover.
  • 123apps Online Watermark Remover.
  • PickFrom Blur Video Online.
  • BeeCut Online Watermark Remover.
  • Online Free Video Editor.
Feb 3, 2023

Is there an app that removes watermarks from videos? ›

Video Eraser is a good application that works on both an iPhone and Android. It removes the text/picture watermark from your video and cleans the background from images.

How can I remove a watermark from a video for free? ›

How do I remove a watermark for free? Use VEED's wide selection of video editing tools to edit out a watermark from any video. You can crop it out of the video frame, cover it with your logo, stickers, text, GIFs, and more!

How do you save TikTok videos on iPhone without watermark for free? ›

How to download TikTok videos without a watermark to iPhone or iPad
  1. Tap on the share button and choose the copy link.
  2. Open your browser and open TikMate.
  3. Paste the link in the dialogue box and click download.
  4. Click save to download your watermark-free video.
Jun 29, 2022

How do you save a TikTok video without the Save button? ›

2. How to Download TikTok Videos With Third-Party Sites
  1. Open the TikTok app or go to the TikTok website and locate the video you want to download.
  2. Tap on the share icon (the arrow) and select Copy link.
  3. Head over to SnapTik. ...
  4. Paste the link in the empty box and hit Download. ...
  5. Select the download link of your choice.
Jul 31, 2022

How can I save TikTok video without watermark in telegram? ›

In Telegram, you have to use bots to download the videos without a watermark. This might not always be a safe source for downloading videos. But on the other hand, the iMyFone TopClipper ensures optimum security. It is built and designed to download videos from TikTok without watermark.

How do I remove a watermark? ›

If you are using an Android device, you can install Remove Object from Photo. This app is very easy to use when it comes to remove watermark from photo. This can also help you erase any object, date stamp, and logo. If you install it, you can see a simple interface which is perfect for beginners.

How do I remove TikTok watermark from Capcut? ›

So, let us know how to remove the TikTok watermark on Capcut.
  1. Download the video. Download the video from where you want to remove the watermark. ...
  2. Add media in Capcut. If you yet not have the app installed, download and install it. ...
  3. Use the edit features and remove the watermark. ...
  4. Save the video.

Can TikTok see if you save a video to camera roll? ›

Does TikTok notify you when you save someone's video? TikTok doesn't notify creators when someone saves their video. So, if you have been wondering how to see who saved your TikTok, we're sorry to say there's no such feature that will allow you to see who has downloaded your content.

Can I save a TikTok to my camera roll without posting it? ›

Now that you know how to create a TikTok video, and set it to private, hit 'Post'. Now go to your profile and click the lock icon to view your private videos. Click the video you've just posted privately. Click 'save video' (see Photo 2 below.)

Why can't I download some TikTok videos? ›

The most common cause of the issue "can't download a TikTok video" is that the video download option is disabled by the creator. When the download feature is disabled, the "Save video" option will become greyed out. TikTok grants creators the right to enable or disable video download in the Settings.

Is Voice bot genuine? ›

Yes. Using a voicebot is absolutely safe as proven by several businesses who have been successfully using it to address their customers' queries.


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