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The age-old problem of how to get an automobile from one place to another is a perennial one for “snowbirds,” or individuals who spend the winter in warmer areas. People who don’t want to drive their automobiles great distances might save time and effort by using snowbird auto transport. Extended periods spent behind the wheel may be taxing for anybody, but particularly so for the elderly or those with health concerns. One may have their vehicle securely moved to their winter residence without having to deal with the inconvenience and stress of driving.

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What does Snowbird Car Shipping Mean?

Those that go south for the winter may take use of a service called snowbird car shipping to get their vehicles from their permanent address to their seasonal one. People from colder regions often use this service to spend many months in warmer regions, away from the icy grip of winter.

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What Our Clients Say!!​

I was worried about finding the Best auto shipping services to transport my car from Abilene, TX to Petersburg, VA, But Uscargofreight proved me wrong. They were responsive and provided a quick and affordable Estimate. the driver was punctual and their tools were impressive. My car arrived safely and on time. highly recommended to all, who are looking for the best car shipping company.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (2)5 Star Customer Rating

David Brown

Great service. Did everything from my cellphone and email. Staff texted and called as needed. Drivers stayed in touch. Had the whole job completed in about 5 days. Very professional. Car arrived on time and in great shape. Reasonable shipping cost. Would definitely recommend and use again.

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James Anthony

OUTSTANDING!! Never having contracted to move a vehicle, I had no idea what to expect. But I did my “due diligence “ and read reviews and took note that the company representative also read the reviews…and responded. That is as rare as a unicorn and justified my decision to work with Us Cargo.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (4)5 Star Customer Rating


This is my first time ever relying on a vehicle transport company, Us Cargo has a great experience. Mark's coordination with customer service and human touch was excellent, 10/10 recommendations.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (5)5 Star Customer Rating

Tan Group

Very smooth and easy process. Had my car shipped from Texas to Hawaii and it arrived within like 2 weeks!! Didn't experience any issues and my car arrived safely with no damages whatsoever. Highly recommend. professional broker.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (6)5 Star Customer Rating

MB Badamsuren

Everything goes according to plan. we were notified about an hour before our car was delivered to our exact address. The driver pulled right up our street and was prompt, despite the unpredictable Midwest winter weather. My kids were so excited to see the car arrive! The driver and his dispatcher who notified us were very professional and friendly. Would definitely use again.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (7)5 Star Customer Rating


my experience with Jason at US car-go transportation was very pleasant and very easy. everything was done as requested with no problem. My car was actually delivered a day before the delivery date. I am very satisfied with us cargo and Jason and the young man who delivered my car was very professional and very pleasant and on time. Thank you Derrick.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (8)5 Star Customer Rating

Butch cutshaw

Good service got my motorcycle within three days of booking driver great communication with driver constantly texting and call me about his location would recommend this company to other.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (9)5 Star Customer Rating


thanks US cargo for shipping my vehicle on last moment last company made false promises, I was worried to use another but my friend suggested me to go with Us Cargo as she shipped her Rv with them. Highly recommended.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (10)5 Star Customer Rating

Rohan sharma

Outstanding service. Very easy to ship and have the vehicle delivered. Rafael was amazing Driver, very professional. You will not be disappointed using Us Cargo Freight. As I shipped my first car with them but my experience is quite good and agent is very polite and explained the situtation , As I changed date for 2 times thaT raised a price a bit, but still affordable.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (11)5 Star Customer Rating

Latondra Brown

Communication, timeliness and reliability-all on point. If I ever need to ship my car again, I would hands down choose them. The price was correct and all of my questions were answered promptly. The driver kept in great communication with me and my car arrived in the same condition as it was picked up in. Wonderful service! Highly recommend!

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (12)5 Star Customer Rating

Taylor Wilkins

I was extremely pleased with you company. The transport driver was extremely efficient and professional took photos of the whole car and even had to call my next-door neighbor in Florida and show her the entire car and drop off the keys.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (13)5 Star Customer Rating


Is a very caring company and is reliable. US Cargo Freight helped me get the best prices during Christmas in a storm which is tough. He got the job done tho.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (14)5 Star Customer Rating

Leyton burgos

i was happy with the fact that they worked with me on delivery time and car was unharmed and i would recommend !! i was called by the driver many times and updated on here he was and how far away he would be which helped make this so much easier for me.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (15)5 Star Customer Rating

DeAngelo Samuel

My family relocated from Minneapolis to Houston and we received our three vehicles and motorcycle earlier than anticipated. They really provided excellent customer service throughout the entire process. Would definitely use again in the future if we happen to move again. Overall great experience with quality service.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (16)5 Star Customer Rating

Giorgi Gogolashvili

I shipped my 6 vehicles with US Cargo they help me alot with my 3 vehicles for the first and then again they ship my another 2 cars and 1 pickup truck. They never change my price and never ask for more money, they take reasonable price.. I have more cars to transport and I would like to work with them only for the future tho.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (17)5 Star Customer Rating

Jose Magos

They delivered our car in less than 4 days and price was quite reasonable. I learned about the company on Transport Reviews as well and I was very pleased to go with them. I shipped my classic car and they found a carrier who was professional, on time and took excellent care of my car while in transit. Good job guys! Thank you!

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (18)5 Star Customer Rating

Judith Lopez maldonado

Us Cargo helps me alot to in shipping, It was my right decision to choose this come become none of the other company was able to move my vehicle for week, only chris and US Cargo was there for my help, I'm really thankful to them.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (19)5 Star Customer Rating

Dennis Kraft

This car transport company is very good. I use them and they were on-time. Their prices are very reasonable and they get the job done if I could’ve given them more than five stars I would’ve I would’ve given them 10, so God bless Max. He is a really great guy and I am very happy and very satisfied with the service that I received. They delivered my car perfectly. Thank you so much, Molly.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (20)5 Star Customer Rating

Molly Adams

I highly recommend US CARGO and special thanks to Brian Jones for helping me in my shipment process. I shipped my car on urgent basis helped me in getting the driver and explained every step properly. Thanks Brian and Us Cargo!

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (21)5 Star Customer Rating

Don Young

1st time user. Handled my vintage Corvette excellently. Great service. Cibsrant contact. Right on time, as predicted. Definitely will use Us Cargo again.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (22)5 Star Customer Rating

Tiko lomtatidze

I have used US cargo for first time to ship my vehicles, they are proactive in giving the services and drivers in the scheduled timings. I have shipped 5 vehicles and it has been so easy and hasle free.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (23)5 Star Customer Rating

Henry Armaah

Everything went great, the communication was excellent and my car showed up in perfect condition. I recommend anyone shipping there vehicles anywhere to contact them first. Enclosed shipped my Lamborghini Gallardo from PA to NV.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (24)5 Star Customer Rating

Daniel Doronceanu

Lowest price! Fast! Reliable! I had to ship my car from Georgia to Texas and comparing prices they were the lowest out there, they were very attentive and fast!

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (25)5 Star Customer Rating

Melanie Dominguez

Overall experience was good having my car ship from VA to TX. This was my first time doing so and my agent Mark Herni was very helpful with the whole process. Great company and great service.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (26)5 Star Customer Rating

Christian Thomas

This is an amazing company to work with, I don’t see many companies out there right now that are approaching car moving service the way uscargo does! I highly recommend them! Shout out to Ryan.

Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (27)5 Star Customer Rating


    Why Snowbird Car Shipping is a Preferable Option?​

    Hassle-free and convenient.

    Long distance driving may be unpleasant and exhausting, particularly for elderly people who may have health problems or mobility limitations. By having their vehicle shipped instead of driven, snowbirds may skip the stress of a lengthy trip and start their vacation feeling more refreshed than before.

    Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (28)

    Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (29)

    Reduced Travelling Cost.

    Driving a long distance may be expensive when you include in things like petrol, meals, housing, and even auto maintenance. Car shipping firms provide flat charges that are typically more reasonable than the whole cost of driving.

    Safer Option.

    It's unsafe for drivers who aren't used to winter conditions to go out on routes they're unfamiliar with when the weather is bad. Having your vehicle sent during the snowbird season means you won't have to worry about driving in hazardous circumstances.

    Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (30)

    Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (31)

    Flexibility and Freedom.

    When driving, one's availability is dependent on their skill and traffic conditions. As an alternative, snowbirds who choose for auto shipping have the freedom to select the transportation date and time that works best for them.

    Snowbird Car Shipping that Beats Its Competition.

    • Trained and Experienced Team.

      US Car-Go has a staff of skilled experts that are familiar with the requirements of seasonal residents, or "snowbirds." We're committed to making auto transport as easy and stress-free as feasible for you. US Car-Go is the company to call if you need to ship a vehicle across the nation or across state lines.

    • Extended Hour Customer Support.

      US Car-Go caters its services to the individual requirements of each client. In order to meet the unique needs of each of our customers, we conduct in-depth consultations with them. These guarantee superior service and support for all customers.

    • Personalized Services.

      US Car-Go understands that snowbirds need to watch their spending and works hard to provide them high-quality, individualized service at a reasonable price. Our prices are always out front, and there are no additional fees or levies of any kind.

    • State-of-the-art Equipment’s.

      All sizes and forms of cars are no problem for the cutting-edge technology we utilize here at US Car-Go. Our trucks have all the newest safety equipment, so your automobile will be in good hands while in transit.

    • Environmental Sustainability.

      To lessen our influence on the planet, we at US Car-Go use eco-friendly procedures and cutting-edge tools wherever possible. Our clients may rest easy knowing that their vehicle is being carried by a firm that cares about the environment.

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    Your transport will be picked up and dropped off at your door, eliminating any need for you to go to or from the gas station. There’s no use in wasting petrol by making the trip to a terminal or shipping yard.


    Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (33)


    We’ve got you covered there! Our expert staff is committed to providing first-rate service and keeping you in the loop every step of the way throughout transportation. At all times, you will be aware of the status of your trip.


    Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (34)


    Yes, we can help with that as well. We have many service levels available to accommodate your preferences and budget. We can adjust our services to meet your requirements, whether you need a quick pick up or are simply looking for an affordability.


    Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (35)

    Competitive Pricing.

    Without a doubt! Our services are of the greatest quality and dependability without breaking the wallet. Everyone should be able to afford and have easy access to personal vehicles transportation.

    Competitive Pricing.

    Snowbird Car Shipping - US Car-Go Freight (36)

    Calmness of Mind.

    Indeed, we have it in buckets! We provide convenient door-to-door car shipping services so you can rest easy while we take care of your vehicle. We provide all-encompassing insurance protection, first-rate client support, and ongoing dialogue during which we will patiently answer any queries you may have. We spare no effort to guarantee that your ride will reach its destination in pristine shape.

    Calmness of Mind.


    What is snowbirds auto transport?

    During the colder months, many people, known as "snowbirds," move their cars to warmer climates. Those who "snowbird" from northern climes to southern ones are a prime market for this service.

    How do snowbirds' auto transport work?

    In most cases, snowbirds who need their cars sent throughout the winter use a professional auto shipping firm. The business will come get your car and take it to their winter storage facility. You have the option of using either an open or enclosed carrier to transport your vehicle.

    How much does snowbirds auto transport cost?

    Distance from origin to destination, vehicle type, and seasonality all play a role in determining how much snowbird car shipping will set you back. Auto shipping costs for snowbirds often range from $600 to $1,200.

    How do I choose an auto transport company for snowbirds auto transport?

    It is crucial to do your homework and choose a dependable car transport firm when shipping vehicles for snowbirds. Find a firm that has successfully transported cars for snowbirds in the past, has received rave ratings from previous clients, and is properly licensed and insured.

    How far in advance should I book snowbirds auto transport services?

    Booking vehicle transport services for snowbirds two to four weeks in advance is often suggested if they want to guarantee availability and get the best pricing. However, in order to have their vehicles sent on the day of their choosing, some snowbirds may hire car transport services months in advance.

    What do I need to do to prepare my vehicle for snowbirds auto transport?

    You should empty the car of all your belongings, give it a good cleaning, and take pictures of it in its present state before submitting it for auto transport for snowbirds. It's important to let the auto shipping business know if your vehicle has any specific handling requirements or needs, such being transported in an enclosed container.

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